Hughes MSAT G2
Hughes is a leading provider of broadband satellite services and managed network solutions.

The MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio is a powerful and flexible communications tool that works where you do. Designed for use on the SkyTerra-1 Space Based Network, the MSAT-G2 supports continent-wide Push-to-Talk (PTT) Two-Way Radio and Circuit Switched Voice and Data communications. In addition, the MSAT-G2 provides GPS capability and flexible interconnectivity to a variety of 3rd party interoperability interfaces, extending the reach of traditional Land Mobile Radio technology.

MSAT-G2 M Maritime Satellite Telephone system provide secure, reliable MSAT satellite phone radio communications during emergencies when maritime-based networks are not available.

MSAT G2 handset IPR750 is a rugged speaker microphone with a bright LCD transflective, direct sunlight readable display. The IPR750 provides full Push to Talk (PTT) operation and telephone call support for the MSAT G2 satellite radio. The handset provides a powerful 3W internal speaker, wired 3.5mm headset access and a sealed IP-55 construction. The handset coiled cord is 7 foot, and when uncoiled 11 foot. The IPR750 handset is designed to provide a solid, long life of operation.

DialPad Plus Simple Plug-N-Play installation plus the fact that you can use an inexpensive, off-the-shelf mic make this unit a winner. Illuminated display with dimmer is viewable in any lighting condition and audio level is adjustable with volume control. Perhaps the most appealing feature is the ability to link up to 3 units together on 1 radio. This gives you a bonus intercom functionality. Designed and manufactured by STS. Two-year warranty from installation date.

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  • Continent-Wide Two-Way Radio (PTT) and Circuit Switched Voice and Data service capability
  • Communicate with 24/7, 365 days per year for one VERY LOW Monthly Rate
  • Choice of Two Dial Options - IPR750 or DialPad Plus
  • Speak privately one radio to another or talk to your entire fleet in broadcast mode.
Radio Transceiver Unit
  • Compact Form Factor • Handset Port (RJ-45) • Ethernet Port (RJ-45)
  • Software Upgrades • DB9 Serial Port
  • GPS Output › Interconnectivity to 3rd Party Interfaces › Dial-Up Data (4.8 kbps)
  • External Speaker Port • Power Connector