STS provides telephone communication and data transfer via satellite for a major portion of the Pacific—from Alaska to California. We have retail dealers in major Pacific ports - San Diego, Honolulu, Dutch Harbor and ports in between.

We can keep you in touch with Full Duplex, Two-way Dispatch, Satellite, or all the above.

Full Duplex & Dispatch
  • Full Duplex Telephone — cost effective service that can connect with the regular telephone network.
  • Two-way Dispatch (half duplex) — provides privacy and group calling over a private network.
Satellite Phones and Terminals
  • Communication is now possible from any point on Earth.
  • A satellite phone lets you stay in touch when nothing else works.
  • Big boats to small boats - Our systems cover the spectrum.
Looking for a hard-to-find part? Let us know. We will track it down. Technical experience and assistance is part of our service - it goes with the sale.

What our customers say...

"I recently purchased a sat phone for my lightboat, F/V Phyllis. My skipper Paul Rich installed the phone on the boat and STS helped him with the final set-up over the telephone. Paul left the dock that afternoon and that same night found a good squid location in the Channel Islands. No other boats were anywhere near him. He was in a dead cell phone area and could not reach anyone on the radio. He picked up his new sat phone and made one call to a seiner who ran over two hours to have Paul set him for 65 tons of squid! I knew the sat phone would eventually pay for itself, but I did not expect it to happen on the very first call!"

        Stephen Lovejoy

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SPECIAL REPORT: Father & son survive serious accident in remote Alaska location - call for help with satellite phone provided by Satellite West!
Read letter from relieved wife and mother.

Reported on Michael Duke Show  

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"In a word, service. Satellite Technical Services has always provided us with quick, efficient service and parts. When seasons are weeks long you need prompt service and repair where you are, not at a service center in Florida."

        Lonnie Demmert, Owner-Operator
        F/V Muzon, Seattle, WA

We Work Where You Work!

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STS provides telephone communication and data transfer service via satellite for a major portion of the Pacific—from Alaska to California. We offer Inmarsat and Iridium satellite phone services nationwide.
Below - Inventory and equipment in the warehouse. We maintain a large inventory of essential gear.