SMS Text Data Without Internet

Satellite phones and cell phones are wonderful when you have connectivity. What about when you don't? Now you can use your SMS enabled device and the Satellite West App to get vital information without Internet connectivity. You just need a SMS device and SMS satellite service account.

The Satellite West App stores lookup codes for Marine Weather, Aviation Weather, Ocean Buoys, Lat-Lon Location, and more in the app. You don't need to be connected to the Internet to retrieve a lookup number. Then simply enter that number in your SMS device and get the requested information returned as an SMS message.

SMS satellite service is less costly than phone service, but like the phone service, it works anywhere. Pairing SMS service with a SMS device is an affordable way to retrieve vital information without a sat phone, wherever you are.

Free to AkNet Subscribers or join as Satellite Technical Services Associate ($120 a year) to access App SMS features.
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  • Satellite West app is free to AlaskaNet subscribers.
  • Non-AlaskaNet subscribers can become STS associates and use App SMS features.
  • STS associate (non-STS customers) membership is only $120 a year.
  • SMS satellite service plan is required to use App SMS modules.

Contact a [ STS Dealer ] near you for MORE INFORMATION

  • Get SMS text returns for Marine Weather, Aviation WX, Ocean Buoys, Location Data & Heading.
  • Modules and lookup tables are built into Satellite West App.
  • No Internet required to retrieve Lookup Numbers.
  • Simply enter your device phone number in your SMS device and get returned SMS message.
  • Use any SMS enabled device to grab information.
  • Database is continously updated to provide latest data.